I took lay vows and boddhisattva (sp) vows the day before yesterday.
Had a strange mystical experience on my way there…
I wrote down the directions to get to the place where the ceremony was taking place, and i really got lost driving.
i was so sure i wrote the directions well but missed something… as the streets wind their way a lot around here in the mountains i spent about 1 hr and a half driving in circles…
finally i was about to give up to the attachment of this outcome- at first it was showing up on time. even tho i had made ample time to find the place, it never dawned on me that i would get really really lost…
i was -unbeknownst to me at the time- only 3 ‘blocks’ away ( there are no houses, just lots of mountains and winding roads w peppered houses here and there : )
well, i had come to terms w the fact that i would likely not find this place.  Some negative talk to myself maybe 30 seconds of it, saying i’d amount to nothing in this life blah blah good for nothing… then, i quieted my mind telling myself, ok, so what if i am a nobody…everyone wants to be something in this life. i am nothing and that is fine…i just am – i am that and that is that as the sanskrit saying DC says. 
well, i found my center of inner peace and decided, i was not going to have any expectations, that way i wold not be disappointed…
i knew the GPS was frozen from leaving it in the car last winter, and i thought, i’m just going to assume that it is working – i.e. won’t hurt to check it – maybe it ‘resurrected’ over the summer
well, i press the on button after connecting it and waaah! it turns on!!!
so i enter the address and sure enough it takes me there- i barely hear the volume but the big arrows point on the screen showing me the way.
oh,, also i knew it was next to the carmelite monastery and i forgot to mention to you , that i haphazardly found my way close to it bc i located some spires w crosses in a distance which it turned out was a baptist church, so luck or divine coincidence had gotten me so close already which was very cool
then, i had to find the building which was no easy task. i ended up finding it! of course seeing all the shoes (ppl take off shoes in buddhist temples) inside i knew i was in the right place.
the church has a building especially for the Dalai Lama (who is now my new Pope LOL) since this particular lineage i am with is his own. very cool huh?
and then guess what… i am sitting in there – luckily GesheLa was taking his time answering everyone’s questions thoroughly and was running really behind!
so i was totally fine as far as time. i was getting a teeny bored and decided to go to car to get knitting and a (sweater since it is so cold now)- i had already stepped out for a few seconds earlier – i remember not for what … little did i notice the doors were locked unidirectionally and upon stepping out the first time the large doors ‘from the roman era’ did not close well.
as i returned i found myself locked out!!!
i trudged down slope on sunny side of building were the windows on the second level were open… i could hear Geshela talk and i decided to say out loud (without yelling) i’m locked out ! i said it twice, but methinks everyone was really absorbed in his talk…
then i thought ‘what if i throw a stone…but what if it injures someone, and here i am about to take vows of not harming any sentient being…”
so then i walk back and go across the street… i tell a lady through a window (seems like the catholics like to lock everything LOL) and they said they would ‘call someone’ i waited a little. no one came. then i thought, how stupid, for wanting to knit and not be patient, here i am stuck in the cold outside the ceremony i am supposed to attend, but my purse is inside… this is what i get for having desires…
; ) karma…
then this not so nice cleaning lady asks me ‘don’t you have the code?’ 
‘you are supposed to have the code’
i stay calm and tell her my purse is in there and i am an attendee in the meeting… and leave it at that
she lets me in , i thank her…
and then i am swooped immediately into the taking of the vows!