i was occasionally thinking these past several weeks how i felt that i had no ‘voice’ so to say when trying to help make a difference and see changes happen fot the better.
well, i was proved completely wrong!
turns out that the time i spent filling out a long survey at the toyota dealership with tons of suggestions DID make a difference
i told them how their service center looks ‘dark and shady’ and only emphasized the negative stigma of the shady mechanic – well they put a bunch of beautiful wrought iron tables and chairs outside and even put some thick tubes to protect ppl sitting outside (in case a crazy drunk driver were to drive on sidewalk) 
then they changed the form with which one signs in as well as i critiqued that too…
then, at the art store i stopped today (bc i ran out of drawing paper) i saw they ordered mini organizers with no lines – where only the date is noted… i am super non-conformist, and always despised lined paper… as though i must write and stay within the prison of lines.
what if i feel happy and wish to write upwards? or, draw some cool doodle i got inspired w that day? 
well they stocked up on that ! 
So i guess the lesson G-d (the Universe) taught me today is that  YES your voice is heard. even if it is 1 voice