i don’t know what your financial situation is, but living within one’s means can be tough for some especially during these times! 


am not here to tell you anything personal about my finances, but here are some ways to save money which may seem old fashioned or to some NG, so feel free to just take what you like and discard what does not suit you: and yes, i am quirky and nuts and bolts type A personality, but here you go…



∫  Limit going out to eat 

∫brown bag it! cook at home. yes, it does add up <<<<<

∫ use very little toothpaste 

•toothpaste just like soap won’t clean you if you don’t move your brush/washcloth. in this case toothpaste unlike soap which along with warm water removes grease/oils on our body- toothpaste is just a flavor enhancer-freshner, and unless you have sensitive teeth and were told to use a toothpaste for such, no need otherwise. just brush your tongue gently and the bad odor causing bacteria are gone. 1 large tube can last a person at least 1 year. i’m serious. and if you brush 3 to 4 min (min 2) before bedtime, chances of getting cavities are very very very low. 

•floss: braided floss will not last but, tape floss can be reused. my record was 1 year. gross huh? ok. then don’t do it if you don’t want to… you can wash and rinse it like your toothbrush and (leave it out of reach from pets) you do what you want. just saying…when times get tough- survival of the fittest ok? 


 ∫Buy Kleenex instead of toilet paper 

Buy kleenex instead of TP – costs less (think- company has to ‘roll’ this thing up for you…lol) if unsure about flushing- don’t flush it. (have a milk carton cut container cut and cleaned w newspaper to use to wrap unsightly or kitty litter)

∫ Use cloth napkins

∫ Use different color washcloths for kitchen cleaning and bathroom and toilet (label w sharpie the toilet ones) you think our ancestors had all the conveniences we do today? stop the ewww… if you want to survive and have money in your wallet DO IT sweetie

∫ Use a mop which has a washable mop end or replaceable mop end.

∫ don’t buy more food than you need nor prepare more- i want my food fresh as can be. so i cook as i go.

•∫grow your own lettuce bowl (tastes yummier)

∫make your own salad dressing (easy)!

∫grow basil and other plants…

∫ reuse gray water to water your plants outside (lasts 24 hours) 

∫ buy clothespins to seal packets shut instead of expensive ‘chip clips’

∫ limit cleaning products to baking soda (inexpensive) 

∫ avoid buying the dish sponge which ends up being the #2 most contaminated bacterial product in the household after the toilet seat (3rd is the cell phone) use designated washcloths (and an copper scrubby if needed) which can be boiled and washed and reused

∫cook from scratch <<<< (may save you some future medical bills too…. in the long run…w all the chemical junk added to pre-packaged foods)

∫go veg (saves lot ‘o money and planet, good karma too) Or 

∫ cut back on meat (so many non-animal protein rich foods out there…) to maybe e.g. 3 dishes a month (a week, depending on your habits)

∫  NO buying plastic bags•

∫ use cloth hankies to blow your nose (washable. if you give 1 to someone give it with a penny wishing that they not use it i.e. cry in it xoxo) e.g. if you cannot find what our grandparents had (these are still sold in Japan, hard to find here in the USA, just have some designated pretty washcloths) 


•.i.e. going green (and also doing what our (great)grandparents did when plastic bags did not exist):avoid buying plastic bags. recycle! most compostable left if you are not wasteful will not be much-wrap it in newspaper and off to the trash 


you will not believe how much you can save. i reiterate small savings add up . 


not only will your future generations love you for it, but you’ll have lots of money left over for a rainy day. 


so, some of these habits are quite radical. but if you have ever been in dire straights, when the going gets tough…. you know. As human beings hedonistic adaptation is so easy, yet the reverse is sooooo soo hard. 

but then you ultimately decide “the middle way”



it is possible to live off of very little said a stoic philosopher whose name i forget now lol ; ) 

Chin up for those going through tough times.


May you be well !


P.S. if you have sensitive teeth avoid buying toothpaste that say ‘tartar control’ as they make teeth more sensitive. And do remember to keep your dental check-ups since tartar buildup unfortunately needs to be removed by a professional hygienist or dentist. And no! you cannot use Lime-away ; ) 


Peace xoxo