• i know philosophically as a buju exactly where i stand . BUJU (google it) BUJUTAOJU or TAOJU (a term i coined since TAO is very linked w Buddhism in it’s origins) –shaolin… could be a another polyvalent logic. Just be FORMLESS (TAO) and no one will put you down or praise you. stay at the base of the ladder where the foundation is strong, following the 8 noble path and 4 seals of Dharma and do best to understand fully 2 and 3 rd dharma seal and you are freed


      tao is inextrinsically(sp) linked to buddhism . w all due respect ok to convince onself (“believer or non-believer”) NB bc society a lot are atheists and Buddhism embraces that too logically. And the ineffable is embraced precisely w the inability to communicate in words which is why Buddha leaves that topic out. Polyvalent logic is acceptable. If you do not undesrtand. then don’t worry- but leave what Buddha did not say alone. it is not topic of the NOW.seeds of ‘goodness’ LABELS r 4 t shirts


      labels are for t shirts… transcend thru emptiness and u will discover EVERYTHING that cannot be spoken about… just meditate

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      Buddha never discussed Brahma. yes, can be believer like Taoist in something ineffable – it is INEFFABLE – or choose to not believe- it’s just not subject of discussion. it is not Atma it is ineffable- no words <<<< all else can be discussed bc the path of awakening is the path to everything- anatma -mind only IS the way – just not nihilistic – this path leads to absolute emptiness (heart sutra ) must not worry about later – live in the now -empty the mind of thoughts truth revealed omniscience


      this truth unfolds as you let go and accept emptiness. bc the law of karma is causes and consequences which are not random. this non-randomness cannot be chaotic and what governs it is before we ever knew. so we cannot question it, but only experience it and it is UNEXPLAINABLE, or rather INEFFABLE – no words can describe. 


      I insist : it is polyvalent logic- the athetist path gets there too. as well as the non-atheist who cannot discuss the ineffable. bc it is not reduced to anything, not even words lest even anthropomorphic qualities


      Peace, Bliss, Happiness



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in overly simplistic terms Buddhism logically is atheist. Still waters run deep and remember that tho Buddha was of Hindu Belief system i have no doubt that he used the Upanishads also to arrive at his own conclusion, of which we will never know- but do not discard in an overly simplistic way that since Tao is inextrinsicably (sp) tied in w Buddhism in it’s primal origin, 1 must not put past oneself the possiblity that HYPOTETICALLY given the INEFFABLE is unexplainable- it neither can be dismissed NOR explained in simplistic terms but only LIVED and MEDITATED upon for those who chose to accept polyvalent logic