• i know philosophically as a buju exactly where i stand . BUJU (google it) BUJUTAOJU or TAOJU (a term i coined since TAO is very linked w Buddhism in it’s origins) –shaolin… could be a another polyvalent logic. Just be FORMLESS (TAO) and no one will put you down or praise you. stay at the base of the ladder where the foundation is strong, following the 8 noble path and 4 seals of Dharma and do best to understand fully 2 and 3 rd dharma seal and you are freed


    tao is inextrinsically(sp) linked to buddhism . w all due respect ok to convince onself (“believer or non-believer”) NB bc society a lot are atheists and Buddhism embraces that too logically. And the ineffable is embraced precisely w the inability to communicate in words which is why Buddha leaves that topic out. Polyvalent logic is acceptable. If you…

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