i am french originally – naturalized american. while we spoke french at home wherever we lived, we only lived in france for 2 years bc of my dad’s job. we had to move to a lot of different countries. i feel i know less about my own culture than many who visit france. i forget the details. i find it so admirable the interest ppl show about other cultures. i have a fascination for the japanese culture and lived 3 years in japan and keep trying to learn more and more kanji and conversational japanese.
i remember we often would return from swiss-german border where my mom’s family resides and drive through marseille (if i recall correctly) and i was left with a sad taste of what little i saw of marseille. maybe we just drove on the outskirts and since we were headed somewhere i didn’t get to see the richness this city has to offer.
later i saw a french arabic movie on TV5 (back when i had a tv lol, and cable) and i really enjoyed the movie. i may not remember the story line, but the life in marseilles from the movie,left me w a good feeling.
i’ve seen and traveled the world, but failed to really breathe in the scenery and it’s flavors. i was younger, more absent-minded, not sure, but only have snippets of memories…my best are when i ran away from home to avoid doing homework and built a sort of tree house in the forêt de fontainebleau with this other 12 year old boy. many great childhood memories. just running off and playing outside without a care or worry in the world.
i thank my father, may he RIP and bless his soul, for showing me the world- i only wish i had my eyes a little more open and absorbed more….

 Imagethis is a pix of a wave taken from the ‘eye’ of the tornado wave ; ) by the famous photographer whom i am embarrassed bc i forgot his name- sorry- that is what this hero does- he goes into the most dangerous waves with waterproof cameras and takes the snapshots before the waves come crashing. i have no idea how he does it and how he doesn’t freak out..ever get knocked down by a huge wave ..yes! but not as big as these and i must say ..it hurts… kudos to my friend