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the depths of true philosophy involve a deep questioning and examining of the inner self, and soul. not the little feel-good aphorisms but the real sh*t that helps one deal with the most difficult curveballs that life throws at us.


being in the present moment awareness is crucial yet i’d like to add a dash of another ingredient of stoicism -because not thinking about the past nor the future helps us get centered, but there is more if one is to know how to handle certain matters.


Society, in particular companies which sell products try to convince us that externals will is the route to happiness.

there are things we can control (happiness) bc it is internal, things we can only partially control “i want to be wealthy” -not a guarantee…it’s dependent on external factors and society makes us believe that our happiness can be purchased. and no control therefore, we must be neutral to in the sense of keeping a clear mind : death, illness and accidents- must stay cool. (post-accident) we can only change inner outlook and stay strong- herein lies our strength, knowing what we can or cannot control, and to what degree. 


some individuals have more of an external locus of control, and therefore external factors are what lead them to happiness or sadness. that is fine, but once, we build our life more centered around placing our inner values first nothing will undermine us, if those values are in synch with the Universe, and our realistic assessment of our strength. we all make mistakes. we often succumb to pressure which makes us trample over our intrinsic core values- and then we find ourselves prisoners. freedom is within getting to know yourself. 


maybe it may take 5 days being alone not talking to anyone, doing a vipassana meditation (and going past the stage of wanting to run out screaming into the mountains lol) there is a moment when the inner chatter of the mind stops- all those external influences come to a halt and there can be a connection to one’s soul. 


our soul is like a beautiful stained glass that never gets dirtied. it just lies behind a translucent door which needs opening. some can get this door opened in a split second. others are born with it open. and many of us, have this door closed, unlocked and covered with dust or dirt- finding it hard to see through it.


when the glass translucent door becomes transparent as we polish it clean, we can see the magnificent illumination of our stained glass. just keeping the metamorphosed now transparent door clean requires a regular polishing, as in taking time alone, single-tasking focused on that task without thinking about anything else is also meditation (if sitting on a meditation cushion bores one- even sitting, lying down, whatever is fine) emptying mind of thoughts. 


fear can prevent us from having this happen. An unsettled mind in any circumstance will not be productive to attaining and connecting with our inner core values. 


panic is related usually to:fear of death to a larger or smaller scale.from death literally (the bear attack) to death of the ego and being mocked& how we perceive ourselves in relation to society at large-which is can be nefarious is not strong willed to keep oneself from be swayed by externals(if i buy xyz i’ll be..)realizing that ultimately we are the ones who make choices which bind our own selves in a prison of social tribalisms.build inner self is crucial thru placing one’s core values 1st 



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the key thing to remember is what our values are and never letting them down for any reason. we will always run into ppl who have the potential to frustrate us by being rude, slighting us. as Epictetus the stoic slave said to paraphrase him:


consider those who who try to piss us off as little yapping dogs. do not give attention to their yapping, and remain unmoved. (ok that was my “ghetto” version)


Especially in these hard economic times knowing that what truly matters is our spirit. don’t let ourselves be swayed by others, remaining steadfast to our principles.

we are royalty in our hearts. we wear that deep-purple velvet robe and have immense wealth unseen within ourselves. when we know this we have freedom of choosing what to accept or not whether squeezed in a tiny apt, we can choose happiness. 


and indeed, i’d rather keep my freedom of happiness knowing i wear rags and shine a soul of purity and sleep squeezed on the floor rather than in a huge bed as Epictetus says in more eloquent language, all wealthy and sad.


Shining our strong inner self knowing our limitations and weaknesses is sooo important. what can i learn from my mistakes? what does it say about me? it’s a hard analysis to do but it can help us make whatever small abilities we have precious beyond measure however small (or big- nothing wrong w big achievements if values are in the right place) 

it’s up to us. 


i thought i’d share this because it is something i am learning and the dream last night that i had of the deep purple velvet symbolic of royalty is yours too. open your treasure box of your heart and reason. whether atheist or believer sticking to your utmost moral values, you are free…. 


Like a purple geode, we look crusty on the outside, but wow on the inside of our spirits resplendent


the moral compass of our souls matter most to lead a life of bliss

Imagewe are all queens and kings 

Image you are the truth !