ok. the pix is upside down. so what. one day we’ll either be a pile of bones, or part of this world in the form of a plant or flower or fodder. or we’ll reincarnate to some so-called higher or lower form or even merge with Oneness. whichever it is, it’s beautiful  because our energy is never lost.


while i spent almost all day at the library while my cat was undergoing surgery( from an injury indoors from knocking a potted ceramic geranium-and i feeling terrible not having “child-proofed” the place well enough, i found moments of deep awareness along with moments of utter confusion and absent mindedness from the overbearing sense of worry.


there were no clear sections in the library depicting categories, but a 6th sense directed me in a matter of minutes to a topmost shelf secluded in the back. 


so here i quote what really sunk in to the depth of my spirit. it’s a book entitled “Taoist Guide to Practical Living” by Lieh-Tzu (from way back when) translated eloquently by Eva Wong. i transcribe the passages exactly as written by the author in hopes that if you are going through whatever endless waves of suffering that you may ride the wave even-mindedly and not have freak-out moments. This may be of tremendous value to people who tend to put others first and fail to take care of themselves. this is for you too. For those who have never delved in eastern philosophy  or lived in asia this may be antithetical to your upbringing and even maybe hard to understand? not sure. it all depends on many factors and experiences. you draw you own conclusions. disagree with the author if you like but i transmit this message to those open to receiving it.


“When we look at things, we often assume that when 2 things look alike outside, they must be similar inside. However, the sage knows that appearances cannot tell us about what’s inside. Something may look like a human and yet may not be as intelligent as a human; and something may not appear like a human and yet be as intelligent as a human.

We also tend to be attracted to things that resemble us and distance ourselves from things that don’t. When we see something that is about 6 feet tall, walks on two legs, has hair on its head and fingers on its hands we call it human and immediately feel friendly towards it. When we see something that walks on four legs, flies, or crawls, we immediately feel this is something different from us and become wary.

However, the sage knows that animals are as intelligent and caring as humans, and some humans are as savage as animals. How can we judge by appearances?”



“Remember this well. If you are true to yourself and everything you do in good conscience, everyone will see virtue in you. Then no matter where you go you will be respected”


in my words here from what i read:

the ancient sages understood the language of animals…. (may i add some ppl have a degree of enlightenment such that they can really feel what an animal is trying to communicate). last week i took a bird which could fly out of a place of worship and it stayed close to me perched on a chair as i moved the chair outside. the whole time i communicated with it w my mind wordless thoughts of compassion and safety.


“Birth and death are part of a natural cycle of things” and i add life is not the opposite of death- birth is…our first breath and our last. 


here comes gradually the insights that might bother some- take it or leave it. as aristotle says “be able to entertain an opinion without accepting it is the mark of an educated mind” this is not for the narrow-minded. so if you are not ready to have a shift in paradigm, best stop reading now, and i bid you Adieu.



“Nowadays, no one is interested in hearing about virtue and harmony anymore. In our society people place more importance on important business advantage than friendship. Relationships have become shallow, and everyone is bending to social and peer pressure to get approval to get ahead”


Confucius: To be truly happy and content, let go of the idea of what it means to be happy or content. ( i add by Rumi: If you search for happiness it will elude you…and in the places (i paraphrase a bit) you don’t think of looking there you will find it)

When you understand there is nothing (i add: no-thing! all this material is decaying, the only truth is the immaterial, Love, compassion, gratitude, all else that we can see is an illusion – to paraphrase a crucial aspect of the yoga vashista. in other words what appears as real is unreal and vice versa)

hence the love of an sentient being or human is more valuable, and a diamond and a crusty old rock are the same in the eyes of an enlightened being.


Confucius continues:

” When you understand that there is nothing to be happy or sad about, then you will be truly contended” _ here is NOT saying be deluded to surroundings or insensitve NO! he is saying just be even-minded. Stop riding the wave (like i did a lot yesterday suffering thinking about the future) just breathe…. it’s a journey live… now…(super hard as sh•t to do i know)



“Most people like to be praised. They feel good when their accomplishments are acknowledged. However i feel we would be better off if we were empty of attachments and not imprisoned in recognition, approval, and disapproval. In the long run we’d have fewer things to worry about. That is why i value emptiness 


Despite misfortune, observe the subtleties of nature. Be not attached to the experience of loss. Find yourself by letting go of gain and loss “

•••• here is the gem of wisdom to little me•••…


” ‘Saving the world’ If people were not so eager to play hero or savior and would leave things alone, the world would be better off. Some people think this kind of non-involvement is selfish and uncaring. However, many atrocities have been committed in the name of making ‘things better’ 

If we ask WHO is making things better FOR WHOM and by WHOSE STANDARDS” (had to add caps sorry- worth emphasizing to me) 


author: “We will begin to understand Yang-Chu’s point of view. Native cultures have been have been destroyed because some people thought things would be better for indigenous people if they became “civilized”

Genocides have been committed because someone thought the world would be a better place (i quote the author here- not sure i would word it that way, am only transcribing so you get the forest from the trees message so to say, not to give my opinion on semantics) if certain ethnic groups were exterminated. When we look at the many things that have happened in the making of the world a better place Yang-Chu assertion that he would not sacrifice a strand of hair for the benefit of the world is probably not the selfish and uncaring attitude it is made to be.


i’ll end with: i used to believe this world could be fixed as in hebrew “Tikkun Olam”.

No, it cannot. hence the dots in the yin and the yang. it’s gray. it’s not black nor white. and. i give unconditionally, knowing that what i’d like in the world is probably not going to happen with my donations. 


the world is broken and it cannot be fixed. i cannot help every suffering sentient being, and i must mend my heart first too. As a young recently retired dentist of a decade of practice, i have decided that i have done the best i could in serving humanity- 8 of those years were filled with sadness bc of competitive ignorant hatred toward me. 2 of those years were blissful. i may feel sadness, but as Rumi said: i rest in the honor of my life’s duties fulfilled. bc human life is more important than desires and i had to bear great responsibilities. (ok- by heart, maybe not exact order)

Today i am a broken heart trying to mend itself alone with my 2 service animals. i won’t say my diagnoses bc i believe they are death sentences and i value my strength and perceive myself in no way as a victim. I am a survivor: a survivor of indirect involvement w military 9/11, survivor of being locked-up, survivor of an almost insurmountable other situation. i will no longer give not even a strand of my hair or anything unless i mean to do it with Sacred Love. Which i have always done. But now i look after myself first, so i can help others….