Wisdom transcending the ages




ok. the pix is upside down. so what. one day we’ll either be a pile of bones, or part of this world in the form of a plant or flower or fodder. or we’ll reincarnate to some so-called higher or lower form or even merge with Oneness. whichever it is, it’s beautiful  because our energy is never lost.


while i spent almost all day at the library while my cat was undergoing surgery( from an injury indoors from knocking a potted ceramic geranium-and i feeling terrible not having “child-proofed” the place well enough, i found moments of deep awareness along with moments of utter confusion and absent mindedness from the overbearing sense of worry.


there were no clear sections in the library depicting categories, but a 6th sense directed me in a matter of minutes to a topmost shelf secluded in the back. 


so here i…

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