If someone were to ask you, what would you do if you only had 5 years left to live, what would you do? 


This was a question i found in a financial retirement planning. 

I found it odd, because to me the fact that one would know that one would die in 5 years would probably make a person change their decisions as to what their last memories were before dying, amongst many other reasons.


I’d like to consider myself a pure altruistic person. It could be in my genetic makeup perhaps. i’ve risked my life saving a drunk person in a car big accident almost getting run over by the sports utility vehicle as the engine was still running. My instinct was immediately to help the ailing person, and i just fell back to automated response to help. And in another instance i was tricked by a con artist and ended up getting burglarized. Lovely huh? i won’t explain i lived in one of the safest countries and in both instances, ppl quickly mocked me. But i had a cultural difference too, based on how i was brought up.


Now, though when i think about the 5 year question, my mode of thinking changes. I start thinking hedonistically because i assume that overall i have lived an ethically correct life to the best of my abilities overall. So, how does that fit into the overall framework of ideals of life?


Then another question was, if money were of no issue, and neither was time, then what would you do. This is one of those tricky questions. Life is short in the grand scheme of things i think. and then if i say well, i’d like to collect sea shells and read a book under a tree and have no purpose then that would sound hedonist and even egoistic. and then my altruism would be questioned as to whether is was pure or if there was a motive behind it. 


i’m just using myself as an example here but these questions are worth pondering about both individually and as a society.


How can it be for example that based on studies the wealthiest of people are in general the least generous? Perhaps because those who have suffered and gone through hard times know what it feels like, so they empathize with others going through similar of worse situations.


Then here is another perspective to look at. Most educations leading to high paying jobs, tend to be rigorous and encourage competition…unfortunately not the friendly kind of competition. Competition that i have seen before my own eyes, as highly unethical and frankly quite disgusting. 


The only thing that comes to mind here is the darwinian mode of survival of the fittest…Study hard, ace those tests, otherwise the doors of opportunity close before us. and then our choices are more limited. 


but we are a kind society too right? i mean i spoke earlier of altruism and there are people who are extremely unconditionally caring. And i think most of us like to think that our humanity is a caring one overall. 


So what happens when a very wealthy country fails to take care of the have-nots? Does that stem from an individualistic society based on egoism? A society that greedily seeks to harm other societies who disagree and put all their eggs in one basket? the basket of waging war at the expense of healthcare? Waging a war for economic growth? Is that ethical? 


I’ve learned that nothing goes unpaid in this life. And i don’t mean only in the physical realm. the concept of one reaps what one sows or karmic debt based on certain actions when those actions are nefarious will be repaid in my view- whether in subsequent generations or in current lives or even in reincarnation if you so choose to believe in that.


Violence and hatred are the antithesis of altruism.

By not helping others, whether out of ignorance, or selfishness, is not an answer. I’m trying my best not to be political. the only political thing i’ll say, is that in the french constitution it mentions “Egalité, Fraternité, Liberté” Fraternity….a sense of camaraderie, disagreeing respectfully, and trying to get along is key if we are to help achieve a collective sense of wellbeing.


Sometimes it does take a little contribution, whether volunteering or donating a small amount. And collectively the same ought to be done.


It cannot be that people go hungry in a country that is considered wealthy. 

maybe we are a little of everything, and hopefully with a predominance of pure altruism. We live in a highly materialistic life in first so-called “world” countries.

There are many first world democratic countries which really look after women rights, women’s equal representation, children’s well being, babies…

i ramble… but if you blast your music for all to hear and are oblivious that there may be a sick person in bed, or a baby sleeping (which was and will be you one day) then you’re ignorant and egoistic aside from individualistic, bc you failed to be aware that not everyone is feeling the same as you do. Yield. Talk lower. Use cell-phone etiquette. You’re not alone.


Some people are very sensitive to noise- think of all the military personnel who came back and fought for your rights and who developed PTSD- they are extremely sensitive to noise.

Why are so many veterans on the street? People seem happy that they defend some inherent right yet, upon returning, who helps them?

everything we use and do has depended on the interdependence of others, whether they be from this country or not. Your success is dependent on the success of another. My success is dependent on your success. Nothing is cut and dry and NO ONE person is to blame whether in small groups or large groups. Complaining leads to nowhere, only awareness and solution finding.


May pure Altruism predominate, cohesiveness as well. And from there friendly competition, hedonism without hurting others, self-love in order to love others replace egoism. This will help all of us be healthy physiologically and psychologically.Image

9/11 site.  This w-ll NEVER!!!!! happ-n ag-in  RIP all who suffered :”'(

Pardon if i went off on a couple of tangents. My only purpose to add a few concrete examples in real life is to make us really think in between the lines.  

And now, i leave so i can go an interact with human beings in the old fashioned friendly ways through talk and a pat on the shoulder.


Universal Harmony, Peace, Laughter, Love,