most people who easily obtain guns in this country are by far a majority uneducated ,rough around the edges, disturbed individuals. not all ! I’d say the minority, are ‘good people’ meaning well, but have bought into the idea of being scared and wanting to defend themselves bc of a delusion perhaps. i could be wrong, and i leave from for interpreting this minority, as i have friends who were WWII vets and i myself am a military veteran, but my views have changed and i am all for peace with the agreement that instead of wars, Unmanned aircraft do serve a purpose to rid oneself of nefarious persons who are too dangerous where they could pose an imminent threat much greater to a populace than if they were to be gotten rid of.  where instead of sending a large platoon etc.. and having many people die, only to censor the number of caskets on tv of the deceased but a big portion. sorry, but that’s how i see it. i don’t see how geneva conventions could be okay with many people dying for one idiot or a small group of them. when is it ok to kill many as group and not ok for a spy or a select group of people to kill minimally without injuring innocents, using technology for the safety of a majority? Of course I’d rather no one die, but if i knew that a plot to kill many many innocent people was brewing, of course i’d be all for a covert operation. I mean if it’s covert, it’s for a reason, have you seen what the media does? The expression “loose lips sinks ships” is TRUE. just take down a notch from ship to a few well meaning people. 


our country kills more animals and tortures them more than one can believe…not saying the life of a person is worth less but i am saying that we are not the center of the world. Animals don’t strap bombs on themselves, nor hold grudges planning to get-back, nor fabricate explosives. In SOME ways they are more intelligent than us. Was it Gandhi that said something of the sort: the way we treat animals is a reflection of the way we treat others…?



just to share, yesterday i was discussing this gun control w a russian-german-american (in that order lol from him moving) and he made the observation that in Switzerland any person could purchase any type of gun they wanted. Which then reminded me of a bickering i had had w this swiss girl too on twitter who adamantly said that it was her inherent so-called “right” for self-defense.

So i raised two issues w my russian friend. 1) Switzerland is not as diverse as the USA. i compared our ethnic blend to the diverse one in Singapore. Though i’d not be in favor of strict punishments if there were other less harmful ways to solve the problem. But herein lies the problem,
2) Switzerland in my opinion, overall has a higher income per capita, which sadly or not, is tied in with education and the more educated seem on average (perhaps w some peppering of exceptions) people who have what they need including basics such as health insurance and the have-nots are taken care of, so those have nots do not feel compelled to resort to stealing out of desperation nor turning towards drugs, generally speaking!

And i mentioned to him another example of an asian society which is one of the safest places on earth where i lived and left keys in car ignition and never locked house door and people who let their children as young as 5 walk home alone to and from school. where i only saw one cop car in the 3 years i was there. no guns allowed and minus the political yakuza (which is a problem) but it’s separate from everyday civilian living. and i pondered over these societies.

in my view if both parents work and a child is brought up with insufficient guidance of either (hopefully) loving parent, the child will inevitably will adopt the to the the influence of his surroundings, whether that be from other rowdy kids in a similar situation at a child care and their formation will not be optimal.


This lack of inculcating values unfortunately in the USA (and i am not excluding myself from it- i was brought up w much neglect by 1 parent left alone at 5 years old to baby sit an infant and did not have a baby-sitter and was wide awake at nights crying trying to sleep by the night light curled up in the hallway many a times. I won’t say if i turned out a mess or not, but at least one of my parents whom i wished had been there more often, who later won custody of me- i owe it to him for the love i carry in my heart today) compounded with the diverse cultural backgrounds has only encouraged bad character traits to emerge in many children because of a generational carry-over.


the parents whom already grew up that way, even wealthy ones, do not find the need to have a trusted caretaker and both greedily work only to overconsumes when if they carefully planned out their budget maybe in the PAST – not necessarily now due to the economic downturn -one parent could have had a chance to raise children themselves. there are solutions for overcoming these barriers without huge amounts of money, if parents can get together and help each other out maybe through a meetup for example. maybe you can bring up ideas about helping to solve this problem. 



this sadly, as mentioned, has carried over generationally, and so has the individualistic, selfish, anti-social mentality of video games and lack of peer interaction and getting along will little, and playing with others ball outside, riding bicycles, hiding seek, board games. all these things foster cohesiveness for the child.


Instead, as crime has dropped significantly, ppl sit in front of tvs. both susceptible children and adults the like, proportionally to their lack of income watch hours on end of shows which have become each time more decadent and violent-when irony of ironies the overall violence is actually less (not counting the copy-catting non-other than obtained from the media…and the media fueling a paranoia of fear of a massive amount sexual predators are lurking around each corner as though ready to snatch a kid, hello)? nothing is ever 100% safe, but the media has induced an irrational fear to a certain extent. The media is also only showing exceptional cases of death with are far outnumbered by global starvation, death from asthma to drowning in pools. but because it is not catastrophic enough with insufficient destruction and unusual, plus way to boring, it’s not covered on the news. 


About violent shows, not to say that japanese don’t have violent shows, but they have the buffer of a caring parental upbringing and not only spend each day eating together as a family, but do many activities together and help each other out with a predominant confuscian/shinto/buddhist/minimalist upbringing which is clearly apparent in their behavior including the taboo of anger in public, and talking loudly. In other words, their seeds of virtue are watered more than the seeds of ignorance and given, IN GENERAL, that their upbringing is strong in those aspects of compassion and family values, nursing homes are a last option. Families build around caring for their elders and the elderly are revered for their wisdom. Unlike here where many worship youth and superficial things as though it’s wrong to age, instead of valuing the intangibles in life.



my take is that it will be a very hard problem to correct in the USA due to parents already brain-washed in a system in which they don’t see what is wrong with what they are doing and prefer to blame THINGS over the intangible values that are supposed to be inculcated. We unfortunately are a country which has perpetuated wars based on assumptions in some cases and without congressional approval only for reasons of greed, as i see it. you can disagree w me if you like but nothing is in essence all black or all white (and either color meaning good or bad) just as in every person there are seeds of ignorance and of knowledge.


if we cannot correct a long standing problem bc some people refuse to introspect and are caught-up by the outer world of materialism and cannot put other people first as they do in japan for example, nor behave in a polite manner and observe proper etiquette- then that means that a major editing must be done to turn ppl 180 degrees if we are to change as a society as whole.



To those few who uphold family values, whether gay family, interracial family, you name it- and figure out a plan- having an accordion family help each other out , those people are doing great and have nothing to do with this, whether traditional families, or even non-believers w a strong secular ethic neither have any thing to do with this.



But them being in such a minority, only compels me to think that if we are to see a radical change, i cannot think of anything else but enforcing stricter punishments as in Singapore. I’d rather this not happen, mind you, but how on earth are we to bring a huge population together if their values or lack thereof will not foster a sense of safety? How else? any ideas? This is where i’d appreciate your input because i am not overly comfortable with this solution. Yet i don’t know what else could be done. 


Maybe one idea would be to divert the money used in war all towards fixing this problem of the sick violence in our societies- but you see, as this has cross-over generationally there will be many pro-war people who will disagree because that’s the mentality they were brought up with. That we must fight to defend something…something which we don’t know really…an unseen force under the self-deprecating disguise of “terrorism” or “attack to defend”. it’s really a veil hiding greed and an undercurrent of corruption. Yes, we may not be russians and have overt corruption, but we sure are good at being gullible and to not question things, only to follow the masses. watch the movie 12 angry men to get the idea.



A more extreme example would be how does one reform an insurgent (formerly known as the self deprecating term “terrorist”) when they have been brain-washed to hate. everything is proportional to time.



some food for thought… what stops one person from committing a crime, or minor violation is not the same reason for all. Some people who don’t have a strong ethical and moral system, unfortunately need a law to stop them from committing a crime. And they break it a lot bc they have still no observance of the law. then what next. Correction and punishment. And no amount of money, or fame should ‘buy onself’ out of any crime.



it’s a good thing that the blood shed through violence by humans is not visible in the sky…




if my child stole a candy bar and the judge ordered community service at the recycling center, and i had the option to pay up to avoid that, by G-d i wouldn’t. she would have to go there and learn to pay the for the consequences of her actions.

and that is tough love. nipping it at the BUD.