this is not one of those motivational posts…

it’s more one that will have you thinking what really IS bliss.

i am currently pondering over the concept of Happiness or rather Bliss. What is it exactly?


to me it is does not consist in aquiring(sp) more and more, bc the hedonistic approach is never ending. i get a big house and then i want a bigger one, then my car is old so i get a new one. etc… this is only temporary pseudo-happiness…


then i’ve seen ppl who worship money. it seems that they chase after this elusive moment in which ‘one day’ they will feel bliss. Sure, they can make a lot of money, buy what they like, but when the moment of elation is over, it seems like they remain unfulfilled, and yet, still continue to place money as more important, and even in some cases, more important that their employees or their friends..


then there is a societal brainwashing followed by a government which supports that only certain jobs are worthy while other jobs are not. if we are led to buy into this, then we fall prey to wanting to conform to social tribalisms and in the end, what our original calling may have been, say artist, poet, gets thrown away. The end result being, a number of ppl working all their lives in jobs that they don’t even know why they are doing that, and also ending up unhappy. 

suppose the government supported artistic endeavors more like France does compared to the U.S.A. 80% more, maybe we would have a culture developing and a focus on the essence or addition to what makes life so beautiful. A pride in one’s own country for it’s creativity and talent rather than investments in war out of greed. A basic health insurance for all, regardless of whether one works or not- the “in case i get hit by a truck insurance”


of all developed countries…We are the only one to not have universal health insurance. I’m asking for a little more than just coverage while one is working. But i digress…


We live in a society which is so materialistic that cannot see past superficial aspects to embrace the true qualities of a human being. Led into a frenzy of technology and individualism which is uncompensated by affection and compassion overall. Leading astray young people, because neither parent can stay home to bring up their children, leaving the most crucial child growing moments in the hands of strangers often. Again because other aspects are not valued… is being an at home dad a bad thing? Of course not ! same applies to being an at home mom. 


if i had the chance to live w a person who was at my same level in as far as interests and also respectful of cleanliness and very appreciative of my housework and cooperative, i’d love to be a homemaker! 


having traveled and lived in many countries, i noticed that some of the happiest and friendliest people, in general, tend to be lower income ppl in 3rd world countries. why? my only guess is that 1) they know what it is like to struggle, so they are more understanding and apt to help and 2) because they cannot afford all the technological (socially -not virtually- isolating gadgets and expensive vacations, they find quality time in the simple things in life: getting together for high-tea or coffee at someone’s house and baking cakes.


so, i am left wondering…because i have 2 passions in my life. one paid excellent and my other passion, which i have been told is an artistic talent, draws attention and likes, yet, bc it is art, well people don’t seem to appreciate it unless i give it to them. The ppl don’t seem to value my work, and i haven’t tried to sell other than online which did not work. maybe bc i had too few and probably should have reduced the price and break even. but i value my work… so, i still do art but i no longer sell it bc i sense it is not genuinely appreciated. it certainly brings me bliss as i fall into the ‘flow’ getting lost in time, just like my other passion.


however my other passion carries much more responsibility, which translates into more stress…so i weigh these options.. do i want to work full time? no. i’d prefer to work part time. And it’s a competitive field and sometimes i wonder how did i ever make it looking back. i studied and worked very hard. if working full time stresses me out, then my happiness would be found working part time. Yet, in this field it seems that the demand is high and most places want ppl to work full time. 


which means, i’d have to find an associate or open my own shop. then if i opened my own shop i’d have to be in charge of the business aspect of the practice, which would be an added responsibility unless i hired a manager and other co-workers to fill in, so that i could work part-time. Again, many more responsibilities…


so, i am left wondering, what on earth IS happiness… bc i really only want to help ppl or do art. i have no interest in material possessions other than safety and shelter, and proper rest so that i can recharge… is this want matching what i was meant to do? 


ideally doing both the passions… and getting enough rest is my dream. i tend to get tired easily. and i only care about quality and not mass quantities. 


less is better to me… now the matter is finding like minded people and making this work.


are there any of you out there that feel this conflict of doing what you love, thinking well into the future (retirement, who is going to help me when i get elderly if i live long), and the whole -sounds strict but there could be a hint of truth to this and even the writer himself admitted to a belief in a Higher Power in the end of it all: “survival of the fittest” (w the help of G-d as i see it) not that we are in a fierce competition, but in a reward for the effort well directed, and in a friendly way (unlike what i have seen to my horror as a student unfortunately)


these observations are all based solely on my experience and philosophical study and do not represent anyone else’s opinions, or any groups thought and have nothing to do with either of my professions. Pls feel free to share your existential experience, bliss, crisis, crises, or dilemmas if you feel comfortable doing so. 

i believe we can all learn from each other!

Thank you!

Peace, Love and Light