1) thankful for my 2 loving pets

2) happy to be making friends finally

3) enjoying the conversations with the people i meet

4) my orchid is happy and had 2 more babies: i.e. two flowers bloomed! one, yesterday and the other today. when i first got my orchid (her birthday will be 25 dec 12) she had to flowers, i decided to pretend the two flowers were the parents, and now it’s a family of 5! it’s silly, i know, but it’s still a life form and i love my plants. (actually i’m kind of like an animist even. a bit of Shinto, a sprinkle of Tao, and Buddhism over a Jewish and Vedantic salad…if that doesn’t make sense to you, it’s ok. I understand myself and have no boundaries when it comes to love, honesty, affection)Image