1)happy i drove out some and had lunch in a new place. (indian restaurant) and i did not panic!

2)glad that i have no attachments and can easily pass up shopping for things i don’t need and can appreciate looking at nice things without feeling any temptation to buy. (sorry salespeople)! Thanks to this i can donate to charity and have emergency money

3)I love my tasty fresh tap water!! it’s from a well and i use a brita filter to remove the fluoride and it’s taste great.

4) I chatted w 2 very friendly people today! (i’m a turtle coming out of it’s shell)

It’s the small things in life that matter. It’s all in the details. 


research shows that when people think about a few things they are thankful for, over time, their overall happiness increases…


if you would like to share some things you are grateful for and spread the contagious happy factor and maybe broaden mine and other ppl’s outlook on life, please feel welcome to share! Thanks!Image

a four leaf clover plant of a family relative of mine in south america.Image

a cabbage !Image

some beautiful flowers. yes, she has a green thumb!