1)Just do your best and G-d will do the rest
2)A man who owns a small postal service shop was held a gun point 3 times already. He told me “never be afraid. if it’s time to go then it’s that time. No one can ever destroy your soul. Live happy and fearless so you can enjoy life”(summary of a long talk after i confided to him about some anxiety problems i had from a life-threatening experience
3)there will be highs and lows- don’t get attached to labels, roles, titles, and accolades, for they are temporary and remain even-minded by knowing that your Atma(soul) is the silent witness within. When worried, stressed, cease all thought and meditate to find the Bliss within.
4)Vashista Yoga: What appears as real is not real and what is not apparent is real.
5) love transcends everything
6) it’s ok if all you did today was breathe.
7) Sit in the sun 20 minutes a day (inside by a window or outside)- it recharges your life force or Prana energy gives much as nourishment for the soul.
8)If you can do not cut your hair. Your hair is your antennae. It takes 3 years to develop with unsheared hair. Your intuition will skyrocket. (Military hired native american indians to predict arrival of enemy)
9) If you can’t leave a legacy that is okay. Maybe you came to this earth to learn something.
10) what you dislike in others is often a reflection of something we dislike in our own selves.
11) don’t follow social tribalisms. Just be self-referred and authentic.
12) NEVER lie (unless the harm is greater than the lie and it meant saving ppl’s lives.
13) It’s okay not to answer someone’s question. Not answering is an answer.
14) Listen to your gut feeling or that small whisper bc it is most always right!
15) It’s okay to leave anyplace (even the doctor’s office) if you changed your mind after the informed consent. Leave a place if it’s making you uncomfortable.
16) Capitalism does not generate ppl who like to donate money or volunteer. Most generous ppl are those who’ve ‘been there’ (i.e. hit rock bottom or suffered a lot in some way) and typically less wealthy ppl donate more on average than wealthy people.
So, do not be afraid to donate money. It’s really good karma and you’ll feel good.
17)The only way to get true happiness (aside from meditation and reaching Samadhi) is to serve people in need (whatever will truly benefit a society)
18)Focus on one thing and excel on it
19) Be a single-tasker
20) Quality over anything else. Only the best for you and others. Be generous almost to a fault.

These are mine. I worked very hard these past 4 years on 13-15 especially.

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