Sometimes i wonder if as we get older what is it exactly that makes us seem like we are a blade of grass that has dried to the point of inflexibility…


could it be fear of getting lost, fear of death, less energy to deal with urgent matters, dull brain, memory turning fuzzy? 


i like to say that i am sharp as a tack, but sometimes even with my level of nuts and bolts type A organization, i’ve let somethings just pass under the radar of my surveillance…


How did i not remember to renew such and such? 


And why the level of patience drops for certain “jump thru the hoop” stuff.  


Well, a lot has to do with a positive outlook on life, so as i silence my internal loud critic and reformat my ways, i’m going to be daring and say yes… YOU CAN INDEED TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS…


wait who said old? let’s just say i’m a young dog who has lived a long time and who has not succumbed to the detriment of ageing. In other words, i look super young and ageless. Well yes! of course! the day you start telling yourself that you are old is the day you might as well throw the towel. 


i’m not ready to throw the towel yet. i find it amusing that what i’ve seen written on the so-called  death-grip of “mid-life ” crisis portrays some nursing home people as though it’s some mirage of a mountain that keeps moving away….


i’m not contradicting myself… i do think that i as well as many other people of my biological age are going through a mid-life crises but in addressing it in a round about way as the golden years seems to take it away from who it is really happening to. As though i didn’t know it was happening to me.. hello? yes, i’m the one that rolls the windows down when it’s mid forties (farenheights) about 10 celcius degrees saying it’s “too hot” 


ok… who knows.. Maybe it’s hot flashes, or not. But the point is i am aware that people who reach 40 must have times where they are wondering about their dharma and why they are on this earth. I cannot be the only one with these profound philosophical questions. 


Maybe my friends are too busy with their children and toddlers to notice it. They are caught up in the busy-ness of the samsaric wheel of life. 


I am too maybe getting lost with these sometimes unanswerable questions. 


Everything is so ephemeral. And sometimes i wonder if i am caught inside a divine cosmic play where certain things happen. Unexplainable coincidences where I’d say there is “no way” and it happens leaving me dumdfounded. i want to pull a curtain and find an audience watching like that movie with what’s his name the CableGuy man, ace ventura guy…Jimmy C….


c c c c it’s on the tip of my tongue…See? This is what happens. I used to not go blank with an actor’s name for more than a split second. I was always the one that yelled out a name when no one could remember whether it was a game board or at school. yes, i was and am still proud that i can remember the most obscure facts and stump so called ‘experts’


well, i may be a young dog with an old soul. i just need lots of Doggy treats and once i have exercised my brain more i’ll have more memory as recent research has shown.


so, all you guys, keep using the noggen. it will not rust. just be opened minded- let your brain fall out, and rinse and repeat , put back in 


off ya go! Nike stole my saying “JUST DO IT” yeah i said it first : )P