sorry to disagree respectfully so. this is trimming a weed and not uprooting it.
Yes, it is an atrocity and this illness of a broken down society must be nipped at the bud. I have lived and gone to 10 different elementary schools growing up in the French system and then in the British system overseas in many different countries. My parents purposely did not want my siblings and i to attend any school in the USA sadly. i think it was more the fear of drugs. But the formation of some children is awful- i remember being slammed against a fence by a 1st grader. While there a lot of children bought up with integrity and moral values, an older kid who has either history of violence usually has it build up over time, and laisser-faire parents incapable of seeking counseling out of denial perhaps or just plain stupid parents who let them do all the kids want. I think family values, and having both parents work does not help. At least one parent should be a stay home parent and raise children setting limits. No tv. only weekends, no soft drinks, only weekends, point out early on e.g. hurting an animal is WRONG so things don’t escalate. Making them participate in group sports, even martial arts to channel energy correctly and discipline. Instill Taoist, Buddhist, or Confucian values of NON-Violence Both in SPEECH (non-violent communication), Teach meditation from 5 years old :meditate in minutes their age, YOGA for PTSD,ADHD is a moving meditation for more restless children which has shown to have medically numerous benefits. And like thanksgiving – one every day. Family sits at the table, shares their day, how they feel, what they learned. It’s from the moment a child is born that strong values are gently inculcated over time. Let’s please focus on cause and not put a band-aid over a gaping wound.
I was a military medic. Today i no longer believe violence solves problem from what horrors i’ve seen. W exception of spies and small group of marines, or green berets to handle major criminals without declaring war i’m still ok with that. No need to have ppl die uncessarily. Tasers, i’m ok w that for self defense. A taser is not a weapon and more states should approve it.

Bottom line is VALUES. I lived in Japan and never locked my house, left key in car ignition. etc… if someone lost a wallet- no one took money. Out of loss of face, they’d commit suicide over it. Totally different culture. Their jails? Trust me is no place one would want to be- underfed. only bread and water. I taught gym at one, where yakuza ppl and other criminals were. Here ppl if they have $$$ they buy their way out of murder even. it’s unbelievable. $ should not substitute for a crime. Then we have a bunch of minor crimes -poor ppl in jail. Instead of using assets correctly.
It’ll never be a perfect world, but maybe if we looked at cultures with very low crime who don’t resort to lashings like singapore, cultures where people are raised which high ethical values, we could glean something from them.

Still waters run deep

i reiterate: debride the wound, find the cause, and treat.

putting band-aids and building walls after walls, making all of us paranoid, living in houses with bars like prisoners bc of a small percentage of fools is not a way of life to me. Next thing will be like Brazil with electrified gates listening to machine guns every night while living in our “gated” communites.

The mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Taming the monkey mind is key to obtaining Universal Peace.


P.S. I love you all. And I have been away from computer 24 in observance of my condolence for the families and friends of the innocent children and teachers involved. We are interdependent.