Why do people resort to violence?

What is it in us that makes us want to fight back using the reptilian brain?

Diversity, can we accept that we are one and yet manifest our faiths in different ways. Can we begin by accepting that a path leading to compassion and kindness multifaceted and just because another has different ways to express such, and appearances differ, we are essentially the same?

Do we all want happiness? Can we achieve that happiness without hurting other sentient and non-sentient beings?

When we fight we destroy even the earth’s fertile grounds through which we are able to grow crops and survive.

Violence begins with something as simple as “the look”, then some harsh exchange of words, and can escalate even to war.

From a neutral observer wars often look ridiculous in the grand scheme of millions of years. Close your eyes….
Imagine yourself looking at what is happening as though you were witnessing a SIMS game if you will.

Using non-judgement allows us to see from different angles with a peaceful heart.

The blood shed and the violence may make an instant moment turn to quiet. But it does not remain that way.

And killing people will not kill an idea. We will always be in a dualistic turmoil even within our own bodies. Our lungs fight against our heart. Then we learn we can control through self-mastery of meditation our breathing to lower the heart rate.

Extrapolate this tug-of -war of duality and transcend it.

Someone has to be the “better person” and not follow a knee-jerk expected reflex response.

That person or entity is enlightened.

See past the labels and transcend the differences to discover that in essence we are one.

Maybe if less selfishness and more care in consequence analysis is applied even though we live in an imperfect world, we can bring forth the gift of awareness and “whether believer or non believer”DL, we can achieve a relatively peaceful world.

I’m no gifted person at this, and what i’ll say applies to me as well, bc i am in a process of breaking the chains of conditioning, but can we use NVC?

Non-violent communication (NVC) is key to obtaining mutual understandings and stating what we like, speaking up for ourselves without using victimizing words like (terrorist) or neglected bc those words not only put ourselves down but are loaded with blame. Learning to communicate effectively.

The key to NVC is spiritual clarity.

I hope that ppl can stop siding within a disagreement and not get caught up in the fight. No one wants to suffer. If we are connected with our hearts, we really do want everyone to be happy without hurting others.

So as I work on this myself individually, i hope something of what i wrote here helped you.

Peace,Love and Light

A lovely sunset in French Polynesia