I’m currently reading “The Concise Yoga Vashista” by Swami Venkatesananda.

The philosophy of these writings are of the mind only school. There are elements of Buddhism woven-in also. Some elements of Adavainta Shaivism and of the Hindusim there is a blend without contradictions. It’s a hard read in that it seriously requires much reflection, even beyond that. A deep search of the heart.

I hope more people decide to read this book, so that some interesting discussions can be had. Sometimes it is ineffable and somethings are simply experienced and no matter how many words are used the reader may not grasp the essence of a teaching because a lot depends too on the stage of a person’s spiritual development.

I’m not saying that these writings are beyond comprehension, but there are passages that I find too hard to understand. I am always questioning and re-reading some passages to see if I can grasp the significance of a message being conveyed.

The biggest take home for me is so far that “what is real is unreal and what is unreal is real”~yoga Vashista.

Please note that since I have no accent keys on this keyboard, it’s pronounced “Vashista” so I wrote it that way but it is really spelled Vasista without the accents which I am unable to place. A flat accented line goes above the ‘a’ and a dot go both below the second ‘s’ and the ‘t’ of the word vasista.