The Secret GardenHello World,

Yesterday I made an important resolution for myself.

Many times I’ve let myself tumble down and not set adequate boundaries in many areas of my life. The so-called resolution will be a simple one. Just being authentic to myself.

Knowing when to say no. If I can take care of myself and as corny as this may sound, love myself, yes, to overflow, only then will I be able to care and demonstrate my sacred love to others. Growing up in a status oriented lifestyle where authenticity was not appreciated I always felt as though I had to live to measure up to someone else’s standards or expectations.

Society, the media, fashion, peer pressure, have long exerted what influence they may have. I have taken control of my 5 horses (the senses) and have decided for myself what is good and what resonates with my soul. Because once all that is aligned and I find my niche in doing “Tikkun Olam” (fixing the world) whether in minute or big ways they ALL count. I decided the only way to climb out of a well of sadness is to look up and check my rope ladder and climb one rung at a time. Only thinking positive. Because the depths of the darkness are outshone by my light.

So in order for me to receive positive vibes, I need to emit the same too. And go from a philosophy of give. That still entails me to really listen and feel my intuition which is ALWAYS right. That small hardly heard inner voice. Well, I open myself to paying close attention to it and sending out to the universe my positive intentions. That intuition will also protect me from nefarious influence always too. Knowing whom to trust.

Using that third eye. I know I have one. It just blinks from time to time. LOL.

There is so much to learn in this world. And the lessons keep repeating themselves until I get the message. Roger that.

I love being a minimalist. I control my own life with the help of a greater power and I know that that greater power is inside my heart and sends subtle messages to me.

What may be trash to others is a treasure for me. I see infinite possibilities in many different things and ways. No one way is the only way, for each person is as unique as no snow flake is the same.

As long as I respect other people’s viewpoints and engage in positive solutions and optimism living and embracing all the greatness of my past, I can feel creative and unhindered.

The people whom lived and passed away whom were very dear to me live on through me as I do my best to emulate all that I admired about them including their generosity and great sense of humor.

And I remind myself of those boundaries I set. How some friends are always there no matter what and that those are true friends. I love all, yet I protect my heart and soul and open up like a flower.

You cannot peel a flower open to see it’s beauty. Real life, is about tangible communication with people in real life over a cup of coffee. I yearn to see that happen in my life. For now I am a hermit, G-d knows why. Maybe the imprints of my soul are healing…Because I failed at one time to listen to that inner voice of wisdom guide me…

I hope my little introspection helps you in your life. May you be happy, surround yourself with good influencing people that bring out the best in you. And if you are alone, know that you are not really alone. You have the advantage of being able to meditate and directly connect with cosmic consciousness and be happiest.