I’m wearing red today. Its not my favorite color. It’s the color I wear when I’m p.o.

The moment I step out of my apartment things begin to go awry. Maybe some guru would say that I am creating my own reality, but if I had to just see all the nice things, then I’d have to walk with my eyes shut, and hope that my third eye would guide me through this crazy world.

Its a good thing that I am not blind because the moment I threw my all compost trash (yes, on twitter I’m silly, quirky, but I take environment awareness very seriously) -as I step out of the wooden gate where the dumpster was this car speeds past me nearly grazing me.

Then, I decide to breathe shallowly and not take a deep breath because the pollution is so thick and nauseating here. We’re killing our own selves with our own damn foot-print.

A yeti foot print from hell.

I added the messy bathroom I just saw here at Starbucks. WE OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF OURSELVES! Everyone. Me included.

I may go and clean it up myself even though I don’t work here because, we live in here in a place where many foreigners visit.

Not even in Japan have I ever seen a messy toilet, even in the so-called expected dingiest places like a gas station. If you had diarrhea in Japan, while driving, you could stop at ANY gas station and not feel the urge to drive 1000MPH to reach home. Grossed out? Why? Because if people have no respect for people nor belongings then they are gross people themselves.

I can’t tell you become Shinto, or study Confucianism, Buddhism, but it’s time we get our act together in this country of OURS.

Stop buying shit, clean your shit and use it even if its old and dilapidated.

I was going to write a post about something totally different which will really freak you out or not, just depends on something ineffable. Especially MDs, lawyers, politicians, etc…

I’ll save it for my next post coming soon. Hint: MDs don’t bother with your answering service we all know where eeeeveryone lives. So much for privacy protection.

So stay tuned. Ok. I’ve got important (?) things to do to do my small contribution towards trying to ‘fix the world’ in my own little way.

one last thought: everything down to the last atom is a creation of the Essence. Cleanliness reflects one’s mind and and is indeed next to Godliness. Go and dust or pick-up something that loves you.Don’t buy new, fix it, sew it, wash it, your clean soul (or spiritual essence if you prefer)  is more important

Namo Namaste