A friend sent me this and though it is sad, i think it’s bs.   See the forest from the trees!
This is really insane!  Patients now = “units”
Check out this video on YouTube:
This GOP argument won’t work. It’s ALWAYS been like that here. Sadly enough.
I knew this from a young age through my fathers MD friends.
This is not new! GOP trying to throw old dirt around bc they don’t have a leg to stand on. Because before, only if you had money could you be admitted for surgery if it was pre-op planned. There is discrimination against Medicare bc I once did not use my blue cross blue shield and the difference was abominable – agree. However GOP never founded a good health care for have-nots which we should look after our own ppl especially since many are war vets.
Instead Bush as$ hole declared unecessary wars. What’s worse? To have caskets of dead for no reason of teens and young adults in huge numbers CENSORED? Than this kaka over strokes from fat elderly unhealthy ppl most likely in far less numbers? Look at the death toll of both wars and the inordinate money wasted which could have been used wisely. Look at the big picture.
This reminds me somehow in a wyrd way of a lady using her baby in a stroller as bait to jaywalk. It’s ALWAYS been like this and that’s why my father sought healthcare which is gov (privately managed tho) in France.
Nothing new. Just dragging an old bait to see who bites it. And believes its shocking and new news.
GOP trying to pull dingleberries out their as$. Bunch of losers.
GOP will be extinct soon, like a dinosaur. Just wait. There will likely be more variety of parties emerging from the democrats in my IMHO. Haha.
Oh and when guy said illegal immigrants not included- prolly said bc on paper which they never showed any proof- is not that the mention of illegal immigrants not included, but he’s complaining that they did not get included. If a paper was drawn up, that’s bs. But I don’t believe it till I see it- still yet it could be forged. Look at all the corruption happening in the world today!?  This paper could be forged.
Point is, palliative care was always done to elderly ppl in many areas of medicine and ppl trying to find blame now just to point fingers at Obama. Blame doesn’t get us to solutions. So far all GOP does anyways, is bitch, discriminate against GAYS<<<, poor ppl (which some fools think are rich and still vote party line rep), Mexicans <<, and blacks.
That’s all I have to say. And these congress ppl < men whom are total aliens to me DO NOT REPRESENT me. I don’t vote along party lines, I use my noggen, and yes, I am a leftist.  No not a communist, but most my ideas fita a feminist Marxist viewpoint.