My cats love watching my computer when a netflix movie is showing. Maybe a tv would be In store just for my babies! : D and a bit for me.

It’s funny how cats really get absorbed into watching tv.

I’m in a strange frayed wires kind of state. A lady in Starbucks has been yaking like a hyena for past 2 hours stinking of perfume claiming to be an expert in psychiatry or something. Very annoying. Was hard to tune her out.

I’m thinking I want to go camping in some place in nature stat. I need to disconnect from the multitude of ppl, germs, pollution, hyena voiced ppl, electrocuted old blond ladies made up like scary clowns, etc….

Going to look online for a cool camping place. If that doesn’t happen, I’m going to buy noise isolation headphones to tide me over since I can’t buy an isolation tank to sleep in at home : P

I looooove this weather.

Was wondering what did ppl do to store clothes when plastic bags did not exist? Any other breathable storage which blocks off moths? Maybe 100 ‘allergy’ pillow cases? Bc PVC is bad too. Isn’t there PVC or BPE or whatever in those. Maybe I’m going overboard but before purchasing tons of ziplocks…

The latest I read was PVC shower curtain bad bc of hot water releasing chemicals from shower curtain.

Where does this end? And how did ppl shower before PVC plastic shower curtains were invented? Your parents would know.

Our latest inventions are destroying us seems like it…

Ppl were smarter back then, less wasteful, and natural resources were more available (less harmful than many ‘man’ made materials and chemicals).

Enjoy your super weekend!