I always looked up to people older to me. And then slowly over time I got jaded.

I concluded after much reading and diligent yoga practice that there was only one person whom I could take as a role model. He’s no longer on the physical plane of existence but his wisdom is that of a true Guru (not in the perverse sense, but a truly spiritual being ).  Now he wore his robe and he could because he did not disgrace his faith tradition.

I just got his book “How to Have Courage, Calmness , and Confidence”

Many pearls of wisdom. This book is meant to be read slowly .

Im typing from my cell ph and for some reason I cannot scroll below to edit my observation of my jadedness w some of the so called spiritual people I’ve encountered in the past 2 and a half years.

Anyhow, please pardon the fe de errata below. My point is, just bc it looks like a dog and barks like one, it’s not always the case. It could beya grizzly bear as$hole disguised as a dog.

I go as far as including some quacks here: dishonest psychologists whom add in fine print that they’ll harvest organs upon death. Yes. Big shock, but now I read all my informed consents because there are many jerks and corrupted individuals. And there are also crooked MDs, and acupuncturists. the best thing I’ve learned from it all, is word of mouth , and do thorough research of a person you’re entrusting your health to via the Board. And if you smell fish, trust your gut feeling , because you’re probably 99% right.

And what does a black hole have to do with it all? Black holes are über interesting. But they suck on several dimensions. I have a black hole. or 2 or 3. In terms of when did I last see my fav green blouse I like a lot. And sometimes in a frenzy of decluttering to maintain my minimalist ways, I later q

uestionwhy did I purge so much that now I could use an item or two I gave away. A little black hole or two in my memory. But I know I did not give that shirt away. It’s

Between an obnoxious rabbi, a crazed zen teacher w issues and a shitty attitude,pardon my language, these people, have no right to put on the clothes

have unfortunately, and I’ve

been left quite jaded.