About caning in Singapore



I agree that perhaps the form of punishment is unusually harsh. But imagine how taxpayer’s money would be so wasted if the real bad guys occupied the jails and not all the dope dealers, addicts and such. It certainly is a strong deterrent to crime considering not all ppl have good morals. It certainly is sad too that fear should preceed ethics, but since some ppl have no ethical principles to begin with.
When i went there for my brother’s wedding all I took w me were my meds in their bottle in the clear plastic bag. And i had all my doctor’s info readily available in my cell phone. That was more than sufficient. They may have barbaric ways for barbaric ppl but it is a modern country with internet etc…and i’m sure they have a particular type of individual in mind.
What did render me paranoid though, was exactly that: i was terrified of some crazy american putting something in my backpack, so i carried it slung across the front.
When I see the video, i may change my mind, but it makes me mad that ppl should have to spend money to feel safe in a supposed free country just bc of some fools whom take advantage of others. In that respect, the ideal that Confucious spread in Japan along with elements of Buddhism have made what Japan is today.
Here, we have laws drawn up too modeled after the Christianity’s ten commandments and bc ppl don’t believe in reincarnation, they think that they can get away w anything and forgiven later before they die. “what you reap is what you sow” or karma has no real significance here and even less sense in the judicial and criminal system

which oddly punishes severely some individuals, and not enough others. And to top it off, famous ppl and money cover up a lot and ppl buy their way out with money. Sandusky like child molesters and such should be placed in a Japanese jail which are uuüber strict. I taught gym aerobics yoga classes with this japanese gal in a jail several times and it’s NO joke. So, punishment there is quite severe too, but more based on deprivation of the senses.
I am at the starbucks across the street. I realize i forgot all my CE passwords to do my CE. Crap. I’m really stretching this out to ridiculous limits almost unsconsciously. I no longer spell well either bc of that spell correction and i’m lazy. so, i’m going to get rid of the spell correct on my cell phone.
Been really sensitive to odors and noises and falling back into late night sleeping and late into morning lunchtime. I sleep at my best, but I feel i’m wasting my life away. When I realize I overslept, I just keep sleeping and get very depressed. I cancelled my doctor’s appt and rescheduled for next week bc i didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I think it’s a rocky road and i hit a rock of depression. Between being sensitive, then i get mad and then sad. I think the only reason i haven’t jumped from a high building is the love i have for my cats and my friendship to you.
I’m ok. Just feeling down at how my subconscious seems to be working against me when______________.You know how many times i’ve come here to starbucks only to realize how i forgot all my passwords back home?
Even the paintbrush i brought 3 weeks ago… I haven’t painted bc no motivation.
Maybe i’ll start journalling anon on twitter bc i noticed some ppl have similar stories and i may gain some insight from other ppl or some ideas. I need to exercise… for sure bc when i produce endorphins, i feel much much better.